srijeda, 30. siječnja 2013.

Srca na grančicama / Hearts on Twigs

Jedan vrlo jednostavan, a meni lijep Valentinovski aražman.
Very simple, but, to me, beautiful Valentine Day decoration. 

 Prošli mjesec se rezala loza u vinogradu.
Odabrala sam par komada loze interesantnog izgleda,
pa ih posprejala bezbojnim lakom.
Last month was a grapevine cutting season
(to prepare it for next vegetation period).
I chosed five grapevines of intersting shape,
and painted it transparent.

Staru dolčevitu sam odlučila upotrijebiti za vazu.
I decided to use an old sweater for a vase.

Odrezala sam dio rukava i porubila ga.
I cut the piece of the sleeve and trimmed it.

 Grane vinove loze sam ukrasila srcima sa svog božićnog drva.
I hanged the hearts I made for my Christmas tree.

Ovakve boje baš osvježavaju prostor!
I like the way how this simple decor lifts up entire room! 

These hearts were featured at

Thank you!!

ponedjeljak, 28. siječnja 2013.

Crveno-bijela lampa / Red & White Lamp

Imam ovu morsku lampu, koja doduše pripada mome sinu, 
a koju sam htjela malo dotjerati u stilu Valentinova, 
 da nam malo razveseli dnevni.
I have this beach-themed lamp that belongs to my son 
that I decided to turn to Valentine-themed lamp.

But, I didn't want to make any permanent changes, 

just something to cheer up our living room.

Sašila sam ovakvu kombinaciju kvadratića u patchwork stilu, 
sve ih sašila  zajedno i uvukla lastik pri vrhu i dnu 
i navukla na sjenilo lampe.
I sew this combination of colors in squares, 
sew them together, insert elastic band at the top and bottom
and gently dressed the lamp shade.

Sviđa mi se kako je ispalo, a još više što ovu navlaku mogu  skinuti kad poželim.
I like the way it turn out, expecially the fact that I can remove it when I want.

Ovo mi je sad baš veseli Valentinovski dodatak u kući.
I like this Valentines' touch!


subota, 26. siječnja 2013.

Kutijica za nakit / Jewelry Box

kutija za nakit
Jewelry Box for my daughter

Kutijica za nakit za moju (skoro veliku) kćer.
Jewelry Box for my (almost grown-up) daughter.

Htjela sam joj pokloniti nešto "djetinjasto", pošto ona to više nije.
I wanted to make her a "childish" present, since she is not a small child any more.

Koristila sam praznu Milka kutiju (koju sam posprejala bijelom bojom),
razne materijale koje sam imala pri ruci.
I used empy Milka box (that I spreyed white),
and some materials I had handy.

Baš mi je žao što mi slike nisu baš najbolje ispale,
radila sam navečer.
Stvarno trebam napraviti jednu "light-box"!
Od žutice sam iskrojila poklopac i donji dio i sašila ta dva dijela.
I am so sorry that my photos didn't turn out nice,
I worked at night.
I really have to make a light-box!
I tailored a lid and a bottom part from a canvas and sewed them together.

Tada sam prišila oblike koje sam prethodno pripremila.
Then I sew on this formes that I prepared earlier.

Zaljepila sam materijal na kutiju.
Ovo mi je trenutno jedino ljepilo u kući.
Then I glued material to the box.
I only had this wood glue at the moment.

Za unutrašnjost sam izrezala spužvu debljine 1 cm,
prerezala otvore škarama.
For the inside, I tailored a 1 cm thick foam
and cut openings with scissors.

Ovako izgleda unutrašnjost na jutarnjem svjetlu.
This is how inside of the box looks like in morning light.

Ima i vrpcu da se može zatvoriti.
There is a ribbon so she can close the box tight.

Ovo će joj biti rođendanski poklon,
ali može biti i poklon za Valentinovo.
Valjda će joj se svidjeti!
This is going to be her birthday present.,
but it can be and Valentine-day present as well.
I hope she'll like it!

 This Jewelry Box was featured at

Thank you!!

četvrtak, 24. siječnja 2013.

Liebster Blog Award

I got this interesting Blog Award from Katarina @ Pesma Zmaja Moga some time ago.
This is, by far, the most interesting award I ever got because of its rules:

-          Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated you
-          Give 11 facts about yourself
-          Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award
-          Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer
-          Tell them you have tagged them and pay it forward

Katarina didn't proceed some new question, so I answered the ones she had answered, also.
1.      Happiest moment of your life?
I have had many happy moments, so I could say I am lucky that way!
But, besides having my three kids, wedding day and living happily ever after with my family, I can't forget certain day when I rode a horse for the very fist time. It was a dream of mine when I was younger and that dream came true when I was 19. OMG, time flies…

2. Which season of the year you love the most?
Spring – greenery, flowers, spring showers, smell of the earth after rain...

3. Veg or non-veg food?
Non-veg. I like meat, even though it is very difficult to find quality meat thesedays. I have a garden and I grow vegetables myself, no artificial stuff added! My husband fishes a lot so we eat a lot of fish, too. My ideal meal is meat on grill followed by all kinds of seasonal vegetables in huuuge amounts.
I also belive that is not healthy to persuit vegetarian diet while buying vegetables in markets. If you want to eat properly, you should grow your food, indeed. Otherwise, you don't know what you eat at all.

4. Your most favorite color?
Red, definitly. Followed by yellow, orange. Then a little bit of green and blue. And a touch of grey and beige.

5. Which movie star you would like to date?
Well, I do hope that my dating days are behind me. I would not like to date again. I am lazy, I guess! But, movie star of my choise should be a person I could talk to and feel confortable with. A person whome I could listen all day long. Does it have to be a opposite sex? If not, then I choose Meryl Streep.

6. Your favorite one-liner?
Carpe diem, I guess haha!

7. Any new thing/craft you want to learn this year?
I am planning on crocheting.

8. Coffee or Tea?
As far as I am concered, they both are only flavored water. My perfect drink is milk; hot, warm, cold, plain or with cacao.

9. Coke or Pepsi?
I am not sure, I haven't had Pepsi for years, I forgot how it tastes like.

10. Your favorite holiday destination?
French Polynesia, by far!

11. You were obedient as a child or a rebel?
Obedient, as far as I am concerned. True rebel, by my family's opinion!
Now, some facts about myself:

1. I really really love masquerade. And costume making. And waiting to see other people's costumes. And masquerade rally. And everything that is related to that happening.
Oh, I am currently working on some great costumes!

2. I would proclaim Shrove Tuesday (this year it is on Feb 12th) a half-working day, so people could work untill noon, come home for a lunch, dress up in their costumes and all meet at 3 P.M. for a rally. And dancing afterwards.

3. I love red color. On me, around me, on other people, in a nature. I am thinking about dedicating some posts to that love of mine.

4. When I am nervous or stressed out, I clean. When I am great, I make things, sew, drew, paint, craft. I am not a nervous kind of person, so my flat is always in some kind of creative mess.
When my kids were smaller, I would think through how could I possibly find them if that huge pile of clothes waiting for ironing would fall on them. But, they got bigger now and I guess they could find their way out, so that problem is solved.

5. I am good in baking cakes. When I was my friend's maid of honor, I baked her a cake for wedding reception. I had huge jitters. At the time I was around, people used to eat it. What happend when I left off, I don't know.

6. I have a big plan for my family, and that is to build our own house in near future. But not only to built, but to make, sew, restaurate, paint everything. Our own work, by our own needs.

7. I like to cheer people up by giving something small, but from the heart.

8. I love The Beatles. I honor John Lennon.

9. I like movies. The one I expecially like is „The Last of the Mochicans“ with Daniel Day-Lewis. OMG, what beautiful scenes!

10. I am going to be an aunt in couple of days! Can't wait for HER to be born!

11. In a week, I am about to get my masters degree, finally ;) I am so happy for the opportunity to meet wonderful people during this 5yrs long journey of schooling! Some of them became my very best friends, indeed!
My nominees are 11 of my very last followers on this blog.
I belive that answering these questions would bring us close together.
It is always nice to get to know you all!
They are all girls (!) ALL AROUND THE WORLD, very creative persons, who make clothes, bake cakes, make great accesorize, paint furniture, make grat renovations, are shabby by choise, grow food... Take a look, you will enjoy it, I am soooo sure!
1. Selma @ mmm...
2. Lolila @ Lovely little land
3. Nataša @ OUTBOX fashion & stuff
8. Cristina @ Shabby Criss
9. Zorjana @ Zorjana Handmade
10. Eda @ Spalatinart
11. Milica @ Lovely Things M&M

I think that these 11 questions that I answered at the beginning of this post are great, so I would like you all to answer them too.
Don't forget to state 11 facts about yourself, also!

You know, I got this award from Klaudija @ Hobby By Dija just a couple of days later, so I will keep them both in one post!
Be sure to visit Klaudija's blog, too - you will find some amazing crochet handwork there!


I am about to post this and to let you all know about this Blog Award!
It would be great if you would find some time to answer these question
and forward this award to another 11 bloggers,
so we can all learn a little about each other.
That is what blogging is all about, don't you think?


srijeda, 23. siječnja 2013.

Cutie Pie Blog Award

Moja draga prijateljica Meeha sa bloga  MeehaMeeha 
mi je prije nekoliko tjedana dala ovu blog nagradu.
Ovim putem joj se ispričavam što nagradu nisam prije proslijedila dalje.  
Jednostavno nisam stigla,
a zašto, to ću uskoro pokazati :)
My dear friend Meeha  at  MeehaMeeha
gave this Blog Award to me few weeks back.
I would like to appologise to her I didn't forward it sooner.
I just couldn't make it,
and why, I will show you soon :)
Mihaela je ovu nagradu proslijedila blogovima koji,
po njoj, obiluju lijepim bojama,
pa ću se i ja voditi tom idejom.
Mihaela forwarded this Blog Award to the blogs that,
by her opinion, have lots of nice colors,
so I will do the same.
1. Tatjana @ Art Drops
2. Klaudija @ Hobby By Dija
3. Katarina @ Pesma Zmaja Moga
4. Nely @ Blue Hortensia
5. Vesna @ Home Chic Club
Ako dosad niste, svakako posjetite ove blogove,
vidjeti ćete prekrasne radove sa naplavinama, prekrasne ručne radove,
autorske ilustracije,
preee fotografije isto tako preee domova, uređenih sa srcem i dušom...
Naravno, nemojte zaobići niti Mihaelu,
ona je pravi majstor za miješanje boja i tekstura!
Jednom kad se dođe na njen blog,
teško se odlijepiti sa ekrana;)
If you haven't by now, make sure to visit these blogs,
you will see some colorful artworks with driftwood, beautiful crochets,
author's ilustrations,
too beautiful photos of too beautiful homes decorated with heart and soul...
Of course, don't miss Mihaela's blog,
she's a real master of mixing colors and textures!
Once you come to her blog,
it is difficult to leave ;)

subota, 12. siječnja 2013.

Divovska lignja / Giant Squid

giant squid
my 9,5 feet long squid / moja 290 cm duga lignja
Pomalo neobičan naslov, priznajem, senzacionalistički čak :). Ali, ova lignja je stvarno divovska :))
Sve je počelo vrlo slučajno, nabasala sam na jedan vrlo interesantan post, kojeg možete pogledati OVDJE . Ta je cura svom dragom napravila jako veliku lignju-jastuk za Božić. Sve to skupa ne bi meni bilo uopće toliko važno (osim što joj je ideja vrhunska) da moj muž nije strastveni lignjolovac već duuuugi niz godina. Toliko je u tome da sam ga ja davno već prozvala Lignja-Man (kao Superman, valjda :)  Za nas je normalan razgovor onaj koji uključuje skonsalice, štapove, lampe, ferale, dubine, finske mamce, japanske mamce, je li mjesečina, nije li, brodske motore, brzine, čvorove, panulavanje, vjetar ... i sl. I, tako sam odlučila napraviti nešto slično za njega, kao božićni poklon. Nešto što će ga 100% oboriti sa nogu.
A little bit of strange headline, I guess :)  But, this squid is really giantic :))
Everything started by chance, really. I came across this intersting post, that you can check out  HERE. That girl had made a 8 feet long squid pillow to her boyfriend as Christmas gift. But, that fact wouldn't be that important to me - if I hadn't have a husband who is  impassioned fisherman, specialized for squids! He is in that passion of his for sooo long, I nicknamed him Squidman (as Superman :) years ago. A normal conversation in our house includes debates about  fishing rods, lights, depths, finnish or japanese baits, is it moonlight, or not, marine engines, speeds, knots, winds...etc. That's why I decided make something similar for him this Christmas, something that will blow him away 100%!
Loligo Vulgaris
Ali, naravno, lignja je ipak trebala sličiti ovoj našoj, europskoj Loligo Vulgaris.
But, that squid should look alike our european squid Loligo Vulgaris. (I belive that more accurate term would be "calamary", but I will use "squid").
Ova naša lignjica je vrlo ukusna, to ne treba posebno pisati.
This squid that lives in Adriatic Sea is very tasteful, we use it a lot in our traditional diet.

Prvo sam krenula u potragu za odgovarajućim dezenom, trebalo mi je nešto na točkice, tako da oponaša kromatofore - pigmentirane stanice na tijelu lignje. Ovaj materijal mi je bio nekako najbliži onome što sam zamislila. Kad je to bilo rješeno, od papira sam napravila kroj. Nastojala sam da što više sliči našoj domaćoj lignji, pa se dosta razlikuje od onog kroja iz posta koji sam spomenula. Dimenzije možete vidjeti gore, a one su ispale takve slučajno; dala sam si malo umjetničke slobode :D . Dakle, za tijelo lignje potrebno je iskrojiti gornji i donji dio, jer to će biti jastuk na kraju.
First I went to find some material that I imagined, something with little dots to look alike chromatophores - pigmented cells on squid's body. This design was the most similar to that idea. So, when I sloved that issue, I made paper pattern. I tried to make pattern much more alike to european squid then the one in the post I mentioned earlier. Its dimensions are written above. They turned out like that by chance, I gave myself some artistic freedom :) . So, for squid's body I made 2 pieces, upper and bottom, it is supposed to be a pillow, after all.

Tada sam napravila bočna krilca / peraje, odmah ih napunila punilom za jastuke i prošila rubove.
Then I made this side wings / flippers, stuffed them with pillow stuffings and sew the edge.

Onda sam iskrojila i sašila pipke 6 manjih i 2 veća, te glavu lignje na koju sam aplicirala oči (izrezala krugove od materijala koji mi je ostao).
Ali, avaj, kod pipaka sam se malo prešla! Naime, lignja ima 8 malih pipaka i 2 velika! Sve ove puste godine koliko gledam (i čistim) lignje i nije mi na pamet palo pobrojiti ih! A pošto sam ih već bila napunila punilom i sašila glavu, ostavila sam ih u ovakvom broju, nadajući se da taj nedostatak neće nikom upasti u oči.
Then I tailored and sew 6 tentalces (arms) and 2 longer, squid's head with applique eyes that I cut out of the rest of the material.
But, I made a mistake with arms, yeeks! Squid has 8 shorter arms, not 6! All of these years that I look at the squids (and prepare them as well) - I didn't think of counting them at all! But, since I stuffed them already and head was already done, I left them so. I hope that nobody will notice :D

Tu sam već sašila pipke za glavu, te sašila jastučić za glavu. Hmmm, komplicirano zvuči... Ali nije!
At this point I sew squid's arms for its head, and made a head-pillow. Hmmm, sounds complicated. But it is not!
Kako je šivanje odmicalo, tako bi je bilo sve jasnije da će ovaj jastuk biti ogroman. Znači, i težak. I kako ću ga prati? Hmmm...
Odlučila sam ovu lignju iz jastuka pretvoriti u jastučnicu i jastuk. Sašila sam jastuk kojim ću napuniti glavu i jastuk koji će napuniti tijelo, istih dimenzija kao i orginalna glava, odnosno tijelo.
As my creating of this squid went further, I realised that it is going to be big. And heavy. And - how am I going to wash it? Hmmm...
That's why I turned this squid-pillow into squid-pillow case with pillows. I made one pillow that will fill squid's head and one to fill its body, same dimensions as originals.
Ovako to izgleda.
And it looks like this.

Kad iz lignje izvadim ta 2 jastuka, ostaje mi ovo - tijelo lignje - kojem su napunjena bočna krilca i pipci na glavi. Sama glava i tijelo lignje su prazni. E, ovo već može ići u mašinu bez problema!
When I take out those 2 pillow out of squid, this is what I have - squid's body - only stuffed parts are side wings and arms. Head itself and body are empty. Now, I can put this in a washer, no problem!

Tijelo sa strane ima patent, tako da se unutarnji jastuci mogu bez problema stavljati i vaditi, po potrebi.
Squid's body has a zipper at the side, so interior pillows can get in or out with no problem at all.
Malo detalja:
Some details:

Bočna krilca, napunjena.
Side wings, stuffed.

Glava i pipci.
Head and arms.

Na "vrhu" glave se nalaze usta.
On the "top" of the head are squid's mouth.

Pipci. Sviđa mi se ovaj materijal.
Tentacles / arms. I belive this material design is right for it!

I tako je nastala lignja duga 290 cm, od dna tijela pa do vrha dugih pipaka. Nisam mislila da će biti ovako velika, ali... od viška glava ne boli! Kako lijepo svjetluca na jutarnjem suncu :)
And that's how this 9,5 feet long squid came to life, from the bottom of its body untill the top of its long arms. I didn't think that it is going to be so looong, but... And how lovely it glows on morning sun :)
Ovako to treba izgledati, lignja-jastuk- za valjanje!
This is how it is supposed to be - squid pillow - for our own enjoyment!

A ovako izgleda lignja u svom prirodnom ambijentu.
And this is how our squid looks like in its natural surroundings.

 Onda, što kažete na našeg novog kućnog ljubimca?
So, what you do think of our new pet?
My giant squid was featured at:

Nap-Time Creations
Made in a Day

Thank you!
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